Our Mission

Summit Christian Academy’s mission is to partner with, support and encourage Christian families in the high calling of biblical discipleship through Christ-centered education.  The academy provides an environment that promotes community, develops skills and nurtures kingdom-mindedness.

Our Vision

By promoting the biblical example of family sovereignty, parents are empowered to take authority over their children’s education as an extension of family discipleship.  Summit Christian Academy, in partnership with parents, endeavors to train up a generation that is grounded in the faith and has the tools to affect their culture for the kingdom of God in the home, the church and the community.

Our Purpose

Summit Christian Academy connects parents, teachers and students around the central hub of Calvary Chapel Santee to provide affordable, Christ-centered, Socratic education that is teacher led and parent directed. The academy provides opportunities for developing like-minded friendships and habits of scholastic and moral excellence by supporting the biblical values taught in the home and in the church.