Welcome to Summit Christian Academy

Summit Christian Academy gives parents the confidence of knowing who is teaching their children and what ideologies they are being trained up in. Our model encourages the development of competencies that educate students in the truth of God’s word, partnering with parents in raising up a generation of world changers.

Flexible Class Schedules

Parents can customize student schedules, providing the necessary balance of reflection and connection designed to stir up an academic curiosity and fuel life-long learning. Students can attend full time or part time if the family is homeschooling.


Core & Elective Courses

Core courses include science, English, history, and bible.  Currently our math is an online, at home program. Elective courses include art for all ages, dance, math games, cooking, life skills, photography, crazy science, constitutional literacy, legos and logic and more.


Four Hour Days

We trade the traditional eight hour school day for a shorter day, allowing students time to build deeper relationships and pursue other goals outside the classroom. We meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 4 hour days.  Parents are required to educate their students at home on Mondays and Fridays.


Designed for Engagement

Our classroom models encourage interaction and collaborative conversation, instead of a formal, passive, lecture-style model of teaching.


Mentored by Parents

Parental involvement is a required component of our model.  Parents are encouraged to be on campus regularly participating in the classroom setting by either teaching or volunteering. Active involvement from families creates students who are more likely to remain in the Christian faith, be more civically engaged, and more secure in their identities than those educated in the traditional system.


Church Partnership

Our parents are joined by Calvary Chapel Santee and our Christian faculty to share and encourage Biblical core values, contributing greatly to student success.